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Social Media And Funeral Home Services

Published: November 21, 2022
by Waco Funeral Home and Memorial Park

 funeral homes in Bellmead, TX

It can be hard to address everything you need to when a loved one passes away. Your largest concern is for their well-being. You want to make sure their needs are met and that is why you work with funeral homes in Bellmead, TX. Those professionals will be there for you every step of the way. They are going to help you to line things up in a way that works well for your loved one and the rest of your family. Social media may very well be a part of your daily life, but there are things you will want to think about before you post details on your loved one’s death and funeral home services. Here are tips

Keep Some Things Private

While you may very well want to let people know that your loved one has passed on, you don’t have to get into the details. If they died as part of an illness, from a car accident, or in some other way, that information is personal to your family. While your family will likely be okay with, and understand, that you want people to know of the death that occurred, they might not like you putting out details that are personal to the family. You will want to tread carefully where privacy is in question.

Ensure Everyone Important Knows

Before you say anything at all on social media, you are going to want to ensure that everyone in your close family group knows that your loved one has passed on. The last thing you want is to share the news too soon, only to announce to someone close to your family that your loved one has died in that manner. No one close should hear of the death on social media. They deserve a personal phone call from the right person. Make sure your close family members have been informed first and that the news has spread properly and fully. Then, you can tell the rest of the world through your social media account.

Share The Obituary

It generally takes a bit of time to write up an obituary for your loved one. Once that is completed, you have something that your family approves of and that you can share with social media and others. Sharing the link to the funeral home website that has your loved one’s obituary on it can help you to spread the word about your loved one’s death. The obituary is something your family approves of and includes only pertinent details. It can be nice to share that so more people have access to the information.

Funeral Home Details

funeral homes in Bellmead, TX

Another thing you might want to post, eventually, is details about the funeral home service you are going to have for your loved one. That is often part of the obituary, but perhaps you put out the obituary first and then later, decide what works for your family as far as a memorial goes. When you have that worked out, if you are opening the services to the public, you might want to post them so everyone has a chance to figure out where to attend and when. Even if services are for family only, you might want to post that they are happening and that the family appreciates thoughts during this hard time.

For more social media tips funeral homes in Bellmead, TX are there to help.

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