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Reusing A Loved One’s Things After Funeral Services

Published: November 7, 2022
by Waco Funeral Home and Memorial Park

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One of the many tasks you will have on your plate when a loved one passes away and you have services for them with funeral homes in Waco, TX is taking care of their belongings. Your loved one is going to leave their possessions behind and you should not act rashly or too quickly where those items are concerned. Instead, take your time to grieve, and go through the belongings when you feel ready for that process. There may be some special items that you automatically keep and other items that you distribute to family members. Some things you may donate because you know they can be useful to others, but aren’t things you really want. And there are also items that you don’t want to part with, but you can’t really use them as-is, either. For those items, you might reuse and repurpose them into other things. Here are some examples.

Windchimes From Silverware

Most households have at least one set of silverware, and perhaps your loved one had a lovely set—or even more than one. You can use those items as something unique when you create windchimes from them. Hang a set on your deck and make other sets for family members or even to use as gifts. You’ll think of your loved one every time you hear the chimes when the breeze blows.

Quilts From Clothing

There might be special pieces of your loved one’s clothing that you simply can’t part with. Their old concert t-shirts, for example, or the team sport shirts they wore every week to support their favorite team. You could have someone make a quilt from those items and lay it on your bed, across a couch, or even on a quilt rack. Having a quilt with their clothing can remind you of them regularly. When you miss them the most, wrap yourself in it and it can feel like a hug from them. IT’s a great memorial to them and can become a real keepsake that you pass down through generations.

Crafts From Jewelry

Any valuable jewelry your loved one left behind, you might want to keep as is and use or pass around to other family members. But they might have had some costume jewelry as well and you can use those items to create something new. Take beads from certain necklaces and string them into tinsel for a tree. Make a new bracelet from old pieces that, when strung together, are brand new and beautiful. There are endless things you can do with old jewelry with some time and imagination.

Save Things As Gifts

funeral homes in Waco, TX

You may have a lot of kids in the family and they aren’t going to appreciate certain things right now, but you can save items from your loved one and give them as gifts later. Perhaps your loved one had a lamp your child always admired. Save it and when that child moves out of the house, give them that lamp. Funeral homes in Waco, TX can offer you more help as you move ahead with distributing belongings.

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