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Funeral Home Services Use Technology, Too

Published: October 17, 2022
by Waco Funeral Home and Memorial Park

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When you work with funeral homes in Waco, TX on a loved one’s final services, you might think that the services that you perhaps experienced decades ago are what you will do now, too. Traditional services have a lot of ceremony to them, but a lot of things have changed and there are actually a lot more options today. You can keep things as they were, or you can choose to use technology, which the funeral homes use in a number of ways. Here are some of the old and new options that you have available to you.


Most families want to announce their loved one’s death with an obituary. This official piece can spread the news of the passing and ensure that everyone has a chance of hearing about what has happened. In the past, obituaries were placed in whatever newspapers you wanted so you could reach as many people as possible. Today, that is still the case, but you can also place it on the funeral home’s website and from there, you can share the link so the news spreads even farther and faster than ever before.


With death comes paperwork and there are important things you are going to have to fill out. In the past, you would have to visit the funeral home and gather the documents to fill out. You can still do that, but there are many basic items that you can also simply fill out online. Funeral homes often make their paperwork available on their websites so you can get at least some of the basic details filled in without worrying about spending more time at the funeral home.

Watching Services

In the distant past, the only option for watching a service was to attend it in person. That’s always what people prefer, of course, but it’s not always possible. In the past, if the service was at a bad time or in a bad location, people just couldn’t attend. But as time passed and technology grew, people were able to record the services. First, the sound. Then, the video as well. The recordings could be used to remember the services or to allow people who missed them to catch up and honor the person who passed on. Now, you can even livestream the services so the people who can’t attend can watch them as they happen. It can be a huge benefit to families that are spread out all over.

Planning Options

funeral homes in Waco, TX

In the past, you had to be at the funeral home to plan the final services. Today, you can plan from a distance, if need be. You can plan over the phone and even take care of some details online. It’s a great advantage to those who aren’t on location and can’t get there to take care of a family member’s needs.

When you are working with funeral homes in Waco, TX, you can do things as they used to be done. But you can also work with technological advancements and move forward in those ways.

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